"He has always shown an extremely opened and interested attitude, a huge motivation, a real passion for his instrument and a respectful approach to music and styles, which enabled him to progress constantly in terms of technical abilities, musicianship and interpretation. His best quality is probably his refined musical personality."
(Johan Fostier, Guitar Foundation of America 2001 winner)

"At a masterclass in Ghent, Belgium given by Maestro Leo Brouwer, Mr. Desmet played 'hika' and received nothing but praise from the Maestro. I have a strong belief in his perseverance, his organizational skills and his ability to seek out the best musical and technical solutions in his quest for beauty."
(Yves Storms, Head of Guitar Department at Royal Conservatory Ghent)

"At his graduation recital, he has proved to possess technical mastery, but above all a poetic sensibility and a candid intellectual integrity."
(Tom Pauwels, Guitarist, Royal Conservatory Ghent, member of ICTUS Ensemble)

"Listened. It's good - you have quite a musical insight. Thank you."
(Angelo Gilardino, composer / musicologist)

"Your playing is beautiful, full of sensibility, I have no important advice about your interpretation, I really love your work."
(Simone Iannarelli, composer / guitarist)

"...Although this is clearly (contemporary) composed music, the sophisticated performance of Sam Desmet makes you wonder at times whether the guitarist improvises or if the score imposes this. Typically for etudes, almost all pieces are of short duration. Only the compositions of Gilardino - a renowned musicologist - and Cuban composer Leo Brouwer make an exception. Everything else is short and powerful: a must-have for those who are not too much into contemporary composed music, but are open to it. The sensitive performance of Sam Desmet convinces those who are doubtful."
(Rinus van der Heijden,; translated from Dutch)